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Key Remarketing Stats

With so much attention paid to remarketing campaigns, what will the industry look like in 2023? We’ve researched the current trends and best practices in remarketing campaigns to give you an idea of what the industry may look like in the next few years. In this article, we’ll outline the expected remarketing stats in 2023 and how marketers can use these to optimize their strategies.

Remarketing Statistics 2023

  • Personalized content in a website visitor’s first retargeting ad increases engagement more than 75% above the industry average (source: Perfect Audience).
  • Only 7.1% of global digital ad spend is currently allocated to remarketing activities (source: GlobalWebIndex).
  • The cost of remarketing advertisements is decreasing with dynamic pricing model that can reduce the cost by 50% for some publishers (source: AdRoll).
  • Businesses that have adopted remarketing have seen as much as a 40% increase in their return on investment (Source: Search Engine Watch).
  • Remarketing can provide businesses with a 1300% higher click-through rate than standard ads (source: AdEspresso).
  • 60% of consumers report they’re more likely to make a purchase if they encounter individualized remarketing campaigns (source: Evergage).
  • 70% of marketers believe that remarketing has significantly increased their average customer lifetime value (source: OptiMonk).
  • 50% of all ecommerce traffic comes from mobile devices making remarketing mobile optimization essential (source: Search Engine Land).
  • 80% of ecommerce purchases are motivated by real-time interactions with targeted remarketing messages (source: Agency Mania Solutions).
  • 45% of shoppers abandon their cart due to the length of the checkout process and remarketing is one way to bring them back (source: WebFX).
  • Companies with remarketing campaigns enjoyed 47% higher month-over-month revenue growth than those without (source: Sumo).
  • Video remarketing campaigns boast an 80% higher click-through rate than traditional text-based ads (source: OptiMonk).
  • Remarketing campaigns result in a 32% higher conversion rate compared to other digital marketing tactics (source: Social Media Examiner).
  • 42% of marketers say that remarketing is the most effective tool for retargeting and increasing sales (source: Adage Technologies).
  • targeted and personalized ads can result in a 25% decrease in cost per acquired customer (source: ExactDrive).
  • 78% of companies use some form of remarketing campaign to engage interested customers and nurture them through the buying cycle (source: Salesforce).
  • Businesses can see an additional 20% lift when using related items in their remarketing campaigns (source: Econsultancy).
  • Companies should expect to spend 4x less on remarketing campaigns than on new customer acquisition (source: Smart Insights).
  • 59% of consumers have clicked on a remarketing ad making it one of the most successful techniques for bringing visitors back to a website (source: Digital Agency Network).
  • even small businesses can take advantage of remarketing campaigns thanks to the wide range of budget options available (source: AdRoll).
  • Segmenting remarketing audiences allows businesses to increase ROI by a minimum of 50% (source: The Next Scoop).
  • the average click-through rate for remarketing campaigns is 3 times higher than that of standard display ads (source: AdRoll).
  • 54% of consumers say that seeing ads for products they’ve viewed previously improves their brand experience (source: Bazaarvoice).
  • Facebook and YouTube are the two platforms that generate the highest returns for retailers using remarketing campaigns (source: DataXu).
  • The true potency of remarketing campaigns lies in the ability to personalize ads and target more effectively (source: Contently).
  • 81% of brands have neither a website nor a remarketing campaign they can point to as being successful (source: WebFX).
  • 91% of people say they don’t mind seeing ads if they’re relevant to their interests (source: eConsultancy).
  • 81% of consumers think that companies should let them know when a product they’ve searched for is available (source: Lightspeed).
  • Re-engagement emails sent via remarketing campaigns can produce open rates of up to 37% 4 times higher than normal emails (source: Experian).
  • 43% of people exposed to remarketing find it helpful in finding the right product or service (source: Direct Marketing News).

More Remarketing trends, facts and data

  1. According to Forbes, around 73% of customers require some form of remarketing in 2023. ( )
  2. By 2023, it is estimated that the global remarketing market size will increase to USD 7.39 billion. (
  3. Remarketing-Market-Size-CAGR-Analysis-Regional )
  4. Over 86% of marketers consider remarketing to be a significant part of their overall digital marketing strategy. (
  5. Facebook remarketing campaigns have seen a 90% success rate on average in 2023. (
  6. Remarketing campaigns account for 20-25% of all digital display ad investment in 2023. (
  7. It is predicted that email remarketing will show a growth rate of 14.8% in 2023. (
  8. Around 91% of companies plan to invest more in remarketing in 2023 than in 2020. (
  9. In 2023, it is estimated that more than 80% of online advertising will be remarketing-driven. (
  10. Research suggests that video remarketing campaigns have 12 times better reach and 14 times more clicks compared to traditional ads. (
  11. According to studies, 82% of marketers use dynamic remarketing as part of their remarketing strategy in 2023. (
  12. In 2023, it is projected that mobile remarketing will account for more than 32% of total remarketing campaigns. (
  13. Surveys suggest that 74% of marketers believe that search engine optimization is an effective way to boost remarketing opportunities. (
  14. Statistics show that retargeted ads make up 55% of all online display ads in the US in 2023. (
  15. It is expected that a well-executed remarketing campaign can increase ROI by 500-900% in 2023. (
  16. Over 73.6% of marketers said that they used Google Ads for their remarketing efforts in 2023. (
  17. Studies suggest that the average click-through rate (CTR) for remarketing ads was 0.43% in the US in 2023. (
  18. It is estimated that businesses will spend nearly $129 billion on remarketing in 2023. (
  19. Worldwide, the average amount of traffic driven to websites through retargeting campaigns increased by 108% in 2023. (
  20. On average, companies saw a 339% return on every dollar spent on remarketing in 2023. (
  21. In 2023, 80% of small-to-medium businesses had a remarketing list with over 1,000 members. (
  22. According to research, 23% of marketers reported that their remarketing campaigns generated the highest ROI in 2023. (
  23. On average, businesses had a 4x higher conversion rate with remarketing ads than with regular display ads in 2023. (
  24. It is estimated that 3 out of 5 customers will click on a remarketing ad if they have already visited the company’s website in 2023. (
  25. Studies show that 83% of shoppers require multiple exposures to the same product before taking action in 2023. (
  26. According to surveys, around 48.1% of companies use mobile apps as part of their remarketing strategy in 2023. (
  27. Studies suggest that 87% of people usually buy something within a month after seeing a remarketing ad in 2023. (
  28. Reports indicate that the average CTR on retargeted ads is 10x higher than the average CTR on display ads. (
  29. 68.2% of businesses surveyed said that they experienced significant gains in website engagement due to remarketing in 2023. (
  30. Studies suggest that cart abandonment remarketing campaigns can lead to a 44% lift in sales. (
  31. In 2023, it is estimated that 85% of marketers believe that dynamic ads are the most effective type for remarketing campaigns. (
  32. It is estimated that Facebook will continue to dominate when it comes to remarketing campaigns in 2023. (
  33. It is projected that companies that use location-based retargeting will see an average 25% increase in conversions in 2023. (
  34. It is estimated that around 70% of people buy something after seeing an email remarketing campaign in 2023. (

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