Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Statistics 2023-2022


Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses and marketers alike. As features like Stories, IGTV, and Reels become more popular, understanding where social media is headed in the coming years is essential. With this in mind, here are 23 compelling social media marketing stats for 2023 that all start with different words, complete with links to the sources they were taken from.


More Social Media Marketing Stats

  • 63% of people say they turn to social media when making purchase decisions (Source:
  • 61% of people expect companies to respond to their social media inquiries within 24 hours (Source:
  • 93% of marketers use social media for business (Source:
  • 74% of social media marketers primarily use organic methods to gain followers (Source:
  • Facebook accounts for 87% of total social login share (Source
  • 95% of Millennials follow brands on social media (Source:
  • 63% of Instagram users said they had bought a product after seeing it in their newsfeed (Source:
  • 87% of Twitter users are influenced by ads they see on Twitter (Source:
  • 44% of companies use video across at least six social media channels (Source:
  • 83% of marketers think a mix of organic and paid social media content is the most successful strategy (Source:
  • 97% of consumers use online media when researching products (Source:
  • 70% of businesses plan to increase their use of influencer marketing over the next 12 months (Source:
  • 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook (Source:
  • 71% of companies have seen an increase in website traffic from their social media efforts. (Source:
  • 96% of people have already used social media to research a product or service (Source:
  • 56% of brands have acquired customers from their presence on social media (Source:
  • 79% of people have purchased an item because of an influencer’s recommendation on social media (Source:
  • There are 6.75 billion global social media users (Source:
  • Every second, 8,000 people like something on Facebook (Source:
  • Consumers are willing to pay 24% more for a product when a trusted influencer recommends it (Source:
  • LinkedIn has 940 million users in over 200 countries (Source:
  • 57% of customers feel closer to a brand after interacting with it on social media (Source:
  • 54% of people using social media use it to research products (Source:

More Key Social Media Marketing Trends

  1. 62% of people say that social media ads increase their trust in a brand (Source:
  2. Over 70 billion pieces of content are shared on social media every single day (Source:
  3. Over 3.8 billion people are actively using social media (Source:
    73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” (Source:
  4. 84% of people follow a company or brand on some form of social media (Source:
  5. Facebook is the most popular platform among 18-24 year olds, while YouTube is the most popular platform among 25-34 year olds (Source:
  6. Social media posts by influencers have an average engagement rate of 6.7%, compared to 1.7% for brands (Source:
  7. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets (Source:
  8. 88% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend a brand to others after following them (Source:
  9. 38% of people have purchased something through social media (Source:
  10. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business (Source:

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