Inbound Marketing Statistics

Inbound Marketing Statistics 2023-2022

Inbound and digital marketing has changed radically in the past few years due to the emergence of digital marketing tactics, such as inbound marketing. Through this method, businesses are able to better target and attract potential customers using techniques based on data-driven decision making. Keeping track of the latest inbound marketing statistics is essential for any business who sticks to stay competitive and reach their ideal customers online. Let’s take a look at some of the top inbound marketing statistics that are already shaping the way businesses market online.

inbound marketing statistics 2023-2024
inbound marketing stats 2023-2022

Key Inbound Marketing Stats

  1. 57% of inbound marketers report that their primary tool for capturing leads is email marketing (source:
  2. 79% of companies with a defined inbound strategy have seen anincrease in leads (source:
  3. 81% of people that interact with an inbound marketing campaign will share it with at least one other person (source:
  4. 81% of marketers who blogged daily acquired a customer using their platform (source:
  5. 92% of companies that blog consistently receive more traffic (source:
  6. 86% of B2B website visitors are looking for content to help inform their purchase decision (source:
  7. 84% of business decision makers start the buying process with a referral from a peer or a Google search (source:
  8. 70% of all organic traffic comes from organic search queries (source:
  9. 61% of people prefer to consume content through visual means such as videos and images (source:
  10. 74% of marketers believe personalization has improved customer engagement (source:
  11. 90% of buyers expect companies to provide personalized experiences (source:
  12. 67% of marketers say SEO is more effective than PPC (source:
  13. 73% of marketers say content creation is their top inbound marketing priority (source:
  14. 68% of customers rate their online experience as extremely important (source:
  15. 91% of customers want an omnichannel experience when they purchase something (source:
  16. 68% of people say branded content affects their purchasing decisions (source:
  17. 53% of marketers say video content has the highest ROI (source:
  18. 85% of videos watched on desktop devices are silent (source:
  19. 70% of businesses say their plans for video content have increased since the pandemic (source:
  20. 64% of consumers say brand trust affects their willingness to purchase (source:
  21. 79% of marketers prefer organic methods over paid advertising (source:
  22. 59% of marketers say paid advertising has become more successful (source:
  23. 68% of marketers say their greatest challenge lies in converting leads into customers (source:
  24. 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales (source:
  25. 74% of consumers rely on social media when making a purchase decision (source:
  26. 92% of marketers agree that social media is important for building brand awareness (source:
  27. 68% of small businesses say social media helps them increase their sales (source:
  28. 71% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is more effective than traditional marketing tactics (source:
  29. 97% of marketers found that influencer marketing campaigns had higher ROI compared to other marketing initiatives (source:
  30. 71% of consumers admit to being influenced by influencers (source:
  31. 87% of consumers believe that influencer reviews are more trustworthy than those generated by traditional advertising (source:
  32. 51% of marketers claim they get better ROI from AI than any other initiative (source:
  33. 78% of CMOs believe AI is extremely important for maximizing customer engagement (source:

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